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See and comprehend a cabinet schema from big picture down to tiny details — all on a single page

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The Challenge

NetDocuments is a highly flexible and capable cloud based document management system. However, this means configuration can become complex and difficult to understand.

NetDocuments consultants and administrators require advanced training to properly design, implement and maintain a healthy NetDocuments system.

Consultants and administrators must jump between multiple pages examining settings and data tables.

All the while only seeing slices of the overall view.

This is bit like the “Blind men and an elephant” parable where each man describes a different part of the animal. Yet none of them can accurately describe the entire elephant.

Cabinet Analyzer for NetDocuments gives you the full picture — instantly

Cabinet Analyzer organizes all that disjointed information into one comprehensive picture — displayed on a single page.

The result is the entire cabinet schema in an easy-to-follow view that’s easy to navigate.

Quickly evaluate and absorb an unfamiliar cabinet configuration for maintenance or to identify issues to be corrected.

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Quickly see everything you need to know about cabinet configuration and data all in one place.


The fast, intuitive interface is very easy to understand and use. You’ll feel at home in just a few minutes.


Safe and secure because NetDocuments handles the administrative user authentication. The Cabinet Analyzer never sees or saves your NetDocs account password.

Cabinet Analyzer free features

The analyzer feature is free forever

Get Cabinet Analyzer for free now

The analyzer feature is free forever.

Just sign up, then log in with a valid NetDocuments administrator account. You’ll be able to access and analyze all repositories and cabinets available to your administrator account.

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Pro Features

Coming soon…

We're planning a series of exciting Pro Features that will provide valuable tools for implementing and maintaining a healthy NetDocuments site.

The Pro Feature tools will build on and extend the forever free analyzer feature of Cabinet Analyzer.

You'll be able to see and purchase Pro Feature tools from within the Cabinet Analyzer app.

These new features will be helpful time savers. When you sign up for Cabinet Analyzer today, we’ll notify you as new features become available.

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely! While the basic analyzer features are valuable time savers, they will be available for free forever.

We will continue to enhance the Cabinet Analyzer product with additional Pro features that will be available on a subscription basis. Subscribe for a Pro license if those features will make your NetDocuments administration work easier, but you are welcome to use the free features either way.

One of the first pro features you plan to release will be the ability to edit attribute configuration and table values in place. Like the existing analyzer features, these edit capabilities will include extra sauce to make your NetDocs administration work easier than ever before. Use the free features to identify issues, then fix them in the native NetDocs admin console, or subscribe for the enhanced Cabinet Analyzer edit features.

We already have several other exciting pro features on our roadmap, but we want to hear about what you want to see. Think about your experience with NetDocs administration. Do you struggle with any repetitive, tedious or difficult tasks that you wish could be completed more easily? Would you like to see configuration details in a different format or layout?

Drop us a note on the Feedback page with your ideas and wish list. We're working to make the Cabinet Analyzer an indispensable administration tool. Maybe other administrators have the same challenges as you.

Start by signing up for a free Cabinet Analyzer user account.

Next select the Repository and Cabinet you want to analyze. The Cabinet Analyzer loads the configuration data for all related attributes, and organizes the details in our easy to comprehend view.

Use the free features to browse the attribute hierarchy tree, examine attribute settings or table data. Hover for attribute relationship configuration summaries and hot links to relevant table trigger rows.

View all settings for all attributes on a single page for a quick overview or to answer questions like “How many of my attributes require an entry?”

A regular, non-admin user could sign up for a Cabinet Analyzer account but they must use NetDocuments administrator credentials to Allow API access.

When they sign in to NetDocs as a regular user the app will ignore their regular user API access token. So non-admin NetDocs users will not have access to any Cabinet Analyzer features.

The Cabinet Analyzer basic features only access the NetDocuments configuration and attribute table details. There is no code in the application designed to access any document records. The Cabinet Analyzer free features are unable to open, download or even see a list of your NetDocuments files.

NOTE: We have big plans for useful Pro features in the future. Many of these features will be driven by user requests. Administrators and consultants like you have already suggested Pro level tools they would like to see in the product. Some of those features may require listing document files. If so we will clearly mark any feature that does access document file lists so you can decide whether or not to use those features, or to subscribe to the Pro features at all.

To reiterate, the free version cannot see your files and we have no intention to ever change that.

Start by signing up for a free Cabinet Analyzer user account. Click the link in our validation email, then sign in.

Next the Cabinet Analyzer will ask NetDocuments to authenticate you as a valid NetDocs administrator. You must then explicitly tell NetDocs to Allow the Cabinet Analyzer to access your repository. If you are already logged in as a NetDocs admin a browser cookie may shortcut the login process for you.

You must authenticate with NetDocs each time you log in to the Cabinet Analyzer free version. NOTE: We will likely allow saved connections in the Pro version if you choose to enable them.

Once you log in, Cabinet Analyzer will ask you to authorize NetDocuments to allow the Cabinet Analyzer to access your repository. Cabinet Analyzer sends you to the standard NetDocuments login page where you enter your NetDocs administrator credentials. NetDocuments asks if you want to.

If you agree to Allow the Cabinet Analyzer to access your NetDocs repository via their API, NetDocs sends the Cabinet Analyzer an encrypted API access token. The Cabinet Analyzer never has access your NetDocs username or password.

Help on each feature is available on the Help page found at the bottom of the main menu on the left of the application page.

If you have questions or need help please use the contact form below.

If you have ideas, suggestions or constructive criticism, please use the Feedback form found in the main menu on the left of the application page.

NetDocuments is a great choice for storing important documents and files safely and accessible from anywhere.

But just because something is stored, doesn't mean it can be readily found. Or the data structure deciphered.

That's why you need Cabinet Analyzer. To let you as an administrator or consultant instantly get the full picture of how the information is organized.

The analyzer feature is free forever.

Get Cabinet Analyzer for NetDocuments today.

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